Our Approach

Our approach is about bringing peace of mind to all parties involved. Due diligence provides encouragement that the project will perform against forecasted objectives. Net Zero drive projects through the steps of due diligence and underwriting.

OUR Steps of Due Diligence

In the process of establishing Net Zero Enterprises capital intensive projects, each project must pass through several levels of due diligence prior to being funded. This process helps bring peace of mind to all parties involved, such as; investors, financial institutions, and developers.


Net Zero's four-step due diligence approach begins with our proprietary Front End Loading Process (FELP). This process was developed to mitigate risk as well as to optimize valuation. 


The second step, is an extension of the FELP, and involves the underwriting team of the third-party financial institutions. The institutions perform an extensive due diligence/vetting process by utilizing their own internal risk mitigation structures. Thanks to the FELP, this second step typically yields good feedback with minor actions back to the project developer or Net Zero.


The fourth and final step of the discovery involves an underwriting analysis that is performed by a large insurance carrier.  The purpose of this stage is to help solidify investment capital by wrapping an insurance policy into the project that guarantees performance/crop yield, etc.  Ultimately, this carrier will need to be comfortable with all the aspects of the technology, management/operational teams, and existing contracts/agreements in order to deem the project as a strong and stable asset.